Hi there...

Thanks for showing interest in my plug-ins! I make instruments and effects as a creative pastime in SynthEdit and Reaktor.

Free Windows VST Plug-ins


Chimera is a noise driven synth focusing on pads and haunting leads. White noise generators are connected through three pitch-controlled resonant bandpass filters.

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Chimera v1.1 (SE 1.160)


Grizzly is a drum sampler with built in filters, effects and modulation. It was made for the 2006 KVR Developer Challenge together with Edward "Cyan" Blake.

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Grizzly v1.1 (SE 1.160)


Pan-Oh!-Rama is a dual filter effect modulated by six tempo sync-able lfo's. Effects range from a mix of autopan, tremolo and filter sweeps to pure fm-madness.

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Pan-Oh!-Rama v1.0 (SE 1.135)


SubDuer is a triple oscillator subtractive synth aimed at creating a versatile synth with a low CPU usage. SubDuer can do basic unison, ringmod and fm sounds and comes with built in distortion, chorus/flanger and delay.

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SubDuer (Beta 6)

Work In Progress

Disorder (Alpha Version)

Disorder is a stutter effect that samples and loops incoming audio. Rhythmic effects are created by adjusting loop time, pitch and playback direction.

Please note:
Disorder was never finished and is likely to be a bit rough around the edges.

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Disorder (Alpha 4)